Thursday, January 21, 2010

Old Hippy Speaks

What's Happening, Man ?

When we got on the iconic Hippy bus in the 70's and dropped out to drop in, we knew what we were doing. We were soothhsayers, sybills, prophets, precursers of Burning Man..--and now, the apocolyptic shit storm that we saw coming our way and did our best to divert, has arrived. Now what? Compost? Grow our own? Buy only organics? Recycle? Lighten our carbon footprint? Raise chickens? Yeah. Yeah. Did that. Still doing it. But its not enough. And now I'm old. Well, a lot older and this new and beautiful president that gave us such hope can't do it all. He's basically a yuppie and not a seasoned warrior. If we drop out again, where will we go this time? Can we take our grandchildren with us? Will medicare still cover us if we grow medical marijuana and don't pay our taxes? Don't know. But playing shuffleboard on the deck is definately not an option. Here's some ideas just off the top of my head.

1. Sell everything and send 1/3 of your $ to Haiti, with the other half relocate to Canada or New Zealand
2. Pray and meditate

More suggestions welcome

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