Monday, January 29, 2018

In the great Me Too universe I must ask what about women whose power is in their sexuality?

.  Look at Marilyn Monroe...where might she have been if she didn't use her sex to get her where she wanted to go?  She was used, but also using.

 The same holds true for many women.  Where is the line?  Great and gorgeous film stars, television stars or many successful women have used their beauty and sexuality when it was the only " power" they had to get men in power to give them what they wanted.

Men, it seems, have been the weaker sex when it comes to trading favors, jobs, money for sex.  What about wives who marry for money and trade their sex for comfort.  Where is the line?  

Just askin.   Gadflying around.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The opposable thumb, that stumpy little finger, that along with standing erect seperates us from apes, chimpanzees and maramsets, may be quietly, without much fanfare, nudging us up the evolutionary ladder. For it is that very same thumb; the one that allows us to grab onto things as no other primate can, that can also text message. Think about it. It has to be a cosmic joke.
Prehistory repeating itself.

Facebook, twitter, myspace, blogging, ipad, iphone, blackberry, skype, bump, email--these are the cyber gadgetry and tracks that have led us toward a world community of content. Unfortunately, this is a community without flesh or blood, without humanity. Now, sitting in our own little tacky boxes, staring at our own little box, we do not touch each other, we do feel the warm whisper of breath in our ear, not feel each others' presence and of course, seeing one another's auras is out of the question. That which is not human, unites us and gives us immediate access to all knowledge, to all the information available on our rapidly warming planet. It's all too fabulous and frightening. This along with the fact that the George W packed supreme court now defines the corporation as an individual whose rights of free speech must be protected, has turned us into the United States of country tis of Chevron, befouled land and stinky sea, of thee I sing. Yikes! The corporation doesn't give a damn whether the rest of us live or die, doesn't bare children, suffer, endure, believe, laugh or cry. Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" is here. It is no coincidence that the same prophet that opened the " Doors of Perception" with LSD experimentation, also saw the future as we are about to live it.

All us old hippied saw it too. We knew it was coming. We dropped out to prevent it. We really tried.

Is it too late ? Nope. We're just starting.

Come on everybody shine on your brother, everybody get together try to love one another, right now! Right now!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Old Hippy Speaks

What's Happening, Man ?

When we got on the iconic Hippy bus in the 70's and dropped out to drop in, we knew what we were doing. We were soothhsayers, sybills, prophets, precursers of Burning Man..--and now, the apocolyptic shit storm that we saw coming our way and did our best to divert, has arrived. Now what? Compost? Grow our own? Buy only organics? Recycle? Lighten our carbon footprint? Raise chickens? Yeah. Yeah. Did that. Still doing it. But its not enough. And now I'm old. Well, a lot older and this new and beautiful president that gave us such hope can't do it all. He's basically a yuppie and not a seasoned warrior. If we drop out again, where will we go this time? Can we take our grandchildren with us? Will medicare still cover us if we grow medical marijuana and don't pay our taxes? Don't know. But playing shuffleboard on the deck is definately not an option. Here's some ideas just off the top of my head.

1. Sell everything and send 1/3 of your $ to Haiti, with the other half relocate to Canada or New Zealand
2. Pray and meditate

More suggestions welcome

Friday, October 24, 2008


Recipes for deep recession - EAT CHEAP AND HEALTHY

Anyone who lived off the land in the 60's and 70's knows how to spend next to nothing and food and eat well. It's a big third world secret, but since the first world is about to become the third world, here goes. It takes more time but since time is money and there is no money to be had, might as well take your time.

Rule number 1: /Don't buy anything packaged EVER!
Rule number 2 rice and beans will keep you alive and happy along with fresh seasonal vegetables, growing your own and buying stuff that looks rotten but tastes good.
Rule number 3. Ugly fruit and vegetables that are fresh are better than beautiful fruits and vegetables that are tampered with.
Rule number 4. Sink any loose change into a great virgin OLIVE OIL.

How to cook RICE Rice is easy. Only brown rice. Forget anything WHITE. ( Food for the election) You can cook up a big pot and package the rest and keep in refridge for quick meals.
Always 2 cups liquid to 1 cup rice. No brainer. Add lemon juice, soy sauce and wonderfully cheap sunflower seeds to zest it up.


Beans can do anything! Cook em up in a big pot and season. Add meat and you've got a chile,
Add veges and you've got a stew. Season with cumin, curry, salt, pepper, soy, lemon, lime,
and of course the best on the market VOGUE instant soup and seasoning bases.
Beans take time. Cook slow, all you have to do to dried beans is put them in a pot with a three to one water ration and simmer for as long as you can stand it. Add olive oil when they have softened. You can use them in salads, make vegeburgers out of them, create erzatz meat loaves and when in doubt give them to your dog.

GROW YOUR OWN: FORGET THE LAWN! Start a garden. Go to GERMANY, POLAND, FRANCE, ITALY- What do you see? Not lawns but gardens . Watering your garden actually gives you something back besides a water bill. You can be sure everything is fresh and organic and you'll be knocked out by the flavor. Now the neigbors will visit you for a taste of your fresh arugala. What a party!